Well-being Economies Alliance for Canada and Sovereign Indigenous Nations

Quick: Think about all the things you care about the most.

How much are they worth?

Chances are they aren’t valued by the current economic model. Things like your health, time spent raising your kids or clean water.

Have you ever stopped to think about what the purpose of the economy is? Shouldn’t it be designed to value and provide the things that actually make our lives better?

Money isn’t everything. And yet it’s all we use to measure success. When the monetary value of the economy increases we are led to believe that we are better off. But the current economic model can’t even consider the value of our relationships or our needs for care and caring.

A well-being economy depends on a re-imagination of societal purpose that enshrines what makes life worth living and a thriving planet.

Quality of Life - participation, dignity, connection, nature, fairness
Quality of Life - participation, dignity, connection, nature, fairness

WEAll Can will work to co-create a critical mass of people and organizations working to re-imagine and design an economic system purpose-built to general well-being for all people and ensure it for the planet.

We’re getting ready to launch and good things take time. But in the meantime, there are still things you can do!

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